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Conference Recharges Students to Live for Christ

MARILLA, New York—The Northeast Fellowship hosted its annual youth conference, traditionally known as Youth Seminars. This year the name officially changed to ReCharge Student Conference. “This new name encapsulates the success that Youth Seminars has had for generations in spiritually encouraging and training young people to know God better and equipping them to reach their peers for Christ,” says Ben Baker, pastor of First Baptist Church, Newark Valley, New York.

“The focus this year was on what drains students spiritually and what charges them up to live a fruitful life for Christ,” Baker says. Eight hundred students and leaders attended the conference at five locations in New York: First Baptist Church in Marilla, First Baptist Church in Horseheads, West Windsor Baptist Church in Windsor, Open Door Baptist Church in New Woodstock, and Tabernacle Baptist Church in Poughkeepsie. Each site had a worship team who led music, game leaders who incorporated hilarious games and great prizes, a speaker who led the main sessions, and leaders who led workshops.

The “incredible keynote speakers . . . and relevant workshops partnered to provide a well-rounded weekend of training and exhortation,” Baker says.

“ReCharge desires to not only be a weekend student conference, but to lead the way in training students to be leaders in their schools, churches, and homes. The next generation is looking for an identity and a cause to be attached to. ReCharge guides them into a fruitful life for Christ.”