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Churches Join Forces to Help after Midland Flooding

MIDLAND, Mich.—“The past week has been a whirlwind of activity and a roller coaster of emotion for our church and community in Midland,” says Pastor Mark Dickerson, community outreach and family pastor at Calvary Baptist Church. Severe flooding in the Midland area last week caused significant damage to nearly 30 of the church family’s homes, with some homes declared a total loss.

“The power of the water was amazing, as we have seen homes removed from their foundations, trees uprooted, cars carried downriver, and entire areas where the topography has dramatically changed in a matter of minutes,” Mark says. “However, God’s power has already shown itself to be stronger!”

Individuals, churches, and organizations immediately mobilized to assist in relief efforts by providing physical labor, finances, food, and household necessities. So far more than 20 churches have helped, with some partnering with the Michigan Association of Regular Baptist Churches’ CPR (Church Partnering Relationships) fund. Two churches that provided significant financial gifts were themselves helped by the MARBC’s revitalization ministry two years ago when they were considering closing.

“God has orchestrated people and provisions to come alongside those who were struggling, hurting, and broken,” Mark says. While helping with relief efforts, Christians’ testimonies have been able “to shine brightly in the darkness,” he says. “It is exciting to know that people have found peace, hope, and love as they have trusted Jesus as their Savior during this difficult time.”

Calvary Baptist thanks everyone who has prayed for the church family, helped financially, and sent work teams. Mark says, “We continue to pray for spiritual life and growth, provision of needs, and wisdom as the recovery process continues and the rebuilding phase begins.”