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Church in Flood Zone Now Helping Others

MIDLAND, Mich.—National news is reporting devastation in the Midland area after significant rainfall, the breaking of the Edenville Dam, and the failure of the Sanford Dam. The parking lots of Calvary Baptist Church are now underwater, with enough water to float boats on, says Pastor Dan Dickerson.

The water “came right up to the walls of our Christian school . . . and stopped just short of our church buildings,” he says. “Two pastors’ homes, two missionary houses, and many church members have huge losses, with basements and sometimes houses filled with water.” About 11,000 people were evacuated in less than 12 hours, and thankfully there has been no loss of life.

“We never had a seminary course on dealing with pandemics or 500-year floods,” Dan says. “But God’s Word reminds us that we can do all things through Christ and Christ’s grace is sufficient.”

Calvary Baptist Church is now seeking to help people in its church and community. Mark Dickerson, community outreach and family pastor, is coordinating groups from Calvary Baptist and sister churches to assist in relief efforts.