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Church Takes Worship Service to Local Park

ALTON, Ill.—To connect with neighbors, Brown Street Baptist Church moved its morning worship service outdoors on Sunday, Aug. 11. “Worship at Wadlow” took place at a popular local park that is home to a life-size statue of Robert Wadlow, an Alton native who holds the distinction of being the tallest person in recorded history (8 ft. 11 in.).

The service featured congregational singing led by a team of vocalists and a message that emphasized four basic elements of the gospel message: God, man, Christ, and response. Those who came were treated to a fresh-grilled burger at the service’s conclusion.

The effort was successful in helping the congregation establish and reinforce contacts with community members. “We had at least seven new people we connected with,” says Pastor Greg Linscott. “Each one of these guests had multiple conversations with members of the congregation. The gospel was preached, our congregation was more visible, and our own people were reminded of the role each of us should play in bringing the hope of life in Jesus to those who need him.”