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Church Sends Missions Team to Israel

PUNTA GORDA, Fla.—Peace River Baptist Church extended its missions outreach by serving in Israel May 28–June 6.

A team of 20 teens and adults, headed by Associate Pastor Peter Klotzbach, worked with a missionary couple whom the church supports. The team “was able to accomplish much for the glory of God,” says Pastor Jim Stultz.

Doing both physical labor and evangelistic outreach, the team cleaned the playground and repaired and painted equipment at a Messianic elementary school, performed random acts of kindness in the community, helped a food pantry pack over 300 boxes for holocaust survivors, provided landscaping work at a kibbutz on the south side of the Sea of Galilee, and cleaned parks, beaches, and sidewalks. The team also asked store owners if they needed help preparing for the Sabbath. Those encounters enabled the team to give the store owners gospel literature. “All of this physical work was to leave a testimony for the Messiah to the Israeli people,” Stultz says.

Focusing on evangelism, the team walked the streets of Tiberias, where they stayed, as well as Nazareth and Golan Heights, while distributing gospel literature and posting magnets that led to a website explaining the gospel. They also struck up conversations with English-speaking Israelis and held a street worship service.

“Even though Israel is a very difficult country for the gospel, many seeds were planted,” Stultz says. “Our coworkers in Israel were greatly encouraged, Peace River Church was abundantly blessed, and the team was permanently affected by the mission trip to Israel.”