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Church Members Help Flood Victims in Texas

CORTLAND, N.Y.—With people in Texas still cleaning up after Hurricane Harvey hit, four members of New York churches traveled to the Houston area to help.

Dave Wilcox of Grace Baptist in Binghamton joined Craig Coombs, Shawn Hubbard, and Dave Coy of Faith Baptist in Cortland to visit Mont Belvieu, Texas, Sept. 19–23. Mont Belvieu is one of “the smaller towns outside of Houston that most people have forgotten about,” Coy says.

The four men worked with five families, helping mostly with cleanup and demolition. “It’s been a month since Harvey, and they are still working just on cleanup stuff,” Coy says. “The manual work was deeply important, but we all believe that the thing that meant the most to them was the personal touch. They are tired and overwhelmed and sometimes feel very alone in this recovery process. It was a huge encouragement to them to have a group of guys from upstate New York come just to help them.”

Coy says the men’s biggest takeaway from their trip is that “we are nothing special, but what God did through us was very special. Anyone can do what we did. In fact, we have heard many stories of others who have been serving there as well. We just did what we knew was right. The challenge for all of us is whether we are willing to go and serve.”