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Church ‘in Restoration Mode’ Reaches Community with Pokémon Go

Pokemon_inlineCENTENNIAL, Colo.—With Pokémon Go sweeping the nation, South Holly Baptist Church has utilized the popular augmented reality game to meet its neighbors.

Pastor Sam Farlow says he’s used to seeing folks use the church parking lot for lunches, business rendezvous, and phone calls, but lately he couldn’t figure out why so many kids and adults were walking through the parking lot and stopping at the church’s front door. He learned from a young couple at South Holly Baptist Church that they were Pokémon Go players—and they had an idea to connect with these people.

The couple set up a canopy in the parking lot with a “Welcome” sign, and for a few evenings they distributed water, tracts, and invitations to Vacation Bible School. They even enabled players to charge their phones’ batteries. Farlow was thrilled by the couple’s initiative to help South Holly Baptist Church—which he says is “in restoration mode”—connect with the community.

“They had some excellent conversations with both kids and adults,” Farlow says. “The effort clearly gave the community a sense that something youthful is happening at South Holly Baptist once again. Plus, it illustrated the need to be creative when we are seeking to reach non-Christians with the love of Christ!”