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Church Hosts Law Enforcement Camp for Students

CORNWALL, N.Y.—Cornwall Baptist Church ran its Sixth Annual Law Enforcement Camp for students ages 11–17. From 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. July 24–28, the students received basic instruction in marching, flag etiquette, fingerprinting, DNA evidence, crime scene rules, and searching for evidence. During the course of the week, they also studied a series of Bible lessons on meekness, became certified in CPR, received firearms training and learned how to fire a BB gun, ran through an obstacle course, participated in squad competitions, and did many, many pushups.

Corporal Joseph C. Racite of the Carneys Point (New Jersey) Police Department, taught the program. Dr. Joseph F. Racite, retired deputy chief of the Carneys Point Police Department, assisted. The Highland Engine Fire Company of Cornwall, the Cornwall Police Department, and the Orange County (New York) Sheriff’s Department K-9 unit visited the program during the week.

“A lot of the week is spent in teaching discipline through marching, physical training, and flag etiquette,” says Stephen J. Racite, pastor of Cornwall Baptist Church and a chaplain for the Highland Engine Fire Company. “Next summer, the plan is to establish a crime scene in the beginning of the week, and each day highlight a different aspect of investigation. The young people will secure the scene, create a log, lift fingerprints, photograph evidence, and do a search. The various visitors will assist in teaching how they would behave when coming on a crime scene.”

The church also hopes in the future to host a soccer camp and a science camp and is looking for qualified volunteers who are willing to help with those programs.