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Church Hosts Drive-Through Prayer Ministry

JAMESTOWN, Ohio—Shawnee Hills Baptist Church hosted a drive-through prayer ministry for its community. The ministry lasted three months and was open twice a week.

Volunteers from the church set up signs along the public road and signed up for time slots to welcome visitors, talk to them about their requests, pray, and share Christian literature. “Our motto is ‘Come as you are. Stay in your car!’” says Pastor David Culver.

“We could not have imagined what God would do with this ministry!” Culver says. By the last date of the drive-through ministry, the church had prayed with 127 drivers and one pedestrian, and some people became regular visitors to the drive-through. Culver adds, “Two people trusted Jesus for salvation. One couple that had quit going to church was so touched that they reconnected with our church, and their granddaughter and her friend accepted Christ. . . . [The volunteers] who served in this ministry have a renewed passion for loving the lost and leading them to their Savior.”

The ministry idea was led by director of outreach Russel Slate, and the church plans to host it three or more times a week this summer. “This is just the tip of the iceberg concerning how God used this ministry to open doors of other ministry, but one thing we do know is that we can’t wait for the warm weather to return!”