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Church Celebrates Completion of Addition

KNOXVILLE, Iowa—Faith Baptist Church is thanking God for His goodness in providing the means for the church to complete its building project debt free.

Faith Baptist began constructing an addition in 2011 but then was without a pastor beginning in 2015. When Josh Spencer became pastor of the church in February 2017, the entryway, kitchen, and fellowship area of the addition were still unfinished. Under Spencer’s leadership and the congregation’s giving, these portions were recently finished.

Tim Capon, state representative of the Iowa Association of Regular Baptist Churches, and his wife, Sandy, attended the dedication service and dinner celebrating the addition’s completion. “We were invited to join them for this special celebration and rejoiced with them in what God had done in and through them,” Capon says. “Pastor Spencer’s desire is for the church to have an effective outreach to the people in Knoxville, and he is excited about what God will do in and through the church family.”