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Church Aims to Be a Light for Jesus in Its Community

CORTLAND, N.Y.—Faith Baptist Church participated in its community’s Mental Health Awareness Walk May 16. The Cortland County Mental Health Department hosted the event to raise awareness of mental health issues.  “We participated in this event to show tangibly that we care about our community,” says Pastor Matthew Smith.

On June 2 Faith Baptist participated in another local event, the Community Outreach Picnic. Faith Baptist, along with Bible Baptist Church of Cortland and other organizations, sponsored this free picnic, which aimed to bring residents of Cortland together to build relationships. The City of Cortland Community Oriented Policing organized the event, closing one street and setting up one long table down the middle of it.

“Our vision as a church is to passionately and positively impact our community for Jesus,” Smith says. “This is a great way for us to connect and build relationships with those in our community, especially with those whom we may not ordinarily spend time. Following Jesus’ example of eating together, we believe we can show His love for others, even with individuals who are different than us and people with whom we may disagree. May God help us be a light in our community, pointing people to Jesus through our love and compassion.”