AnkenyIA_inlineANKENY, Iowa—The Canticum Novum Chorale presented its inaugural concert on Tuesday, Nov. 25 in collaboration with the Faith Community Orchestra at the Nettleton Center of Faith Baptist Bible College. The chorale consists of people attending churches that fellowship with the Iowa Association of Regular Baptist Churches and other churches of like faith and practice.

“I think this is the first time in our association history that we have planned for a combined worship service of our local churches,” says Chris Humburg, pastor of Altoona (Iowa) Regular Baptist Church and president of the Canticum Novum Chorale. “It is a truly unique worship gathering specifically intended to bring our local churches together.”

Churches in the Des Moines area were encouraged to use this concert, which carried a praise and thanksgiving theme, as a midweek Thanksgiving service. An estimated 650 attendees from area churches enjoyed choral and orchestral music designed to give praise and thanks to God as a kickoff to Thanksgiving.

Dr. Christopher Ellis is artistic director for the Canticum Novum Chorale. He is a professor of music at Faith Baptist Bible College and the choir director at Ankeny (Iowa) Baptist Church. Canticum Novum endeavors to promote the use of choral music in worship and provides opportunity for church members to participate in choral music that might not be feasible in individual churches that either do not have a choir or do not have the means to sing choral music on a larger scale.