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Camp Hosts State Association’s Fall Conference

LOWPOINT, Ill.—The Illinois-Missouri Association of Regular Baptist Churches met for its fall conference at Camp Manitoumi Oct. 6–7. Bernie Augsburger, state representative of the association, spoke on persevering in ministry.

Through the theme “The High and Holy Calling of God,” he pointed out that God still calls people into ministry today. “A call to ministry is not mere feelings, impetuous hunches, or romanticized impressions of idolized roles of leadership. It is a God-given compulsion that is not deterred by life’s obstacles, but is fueled by a single-minded and overwhelming desire to spend one’s life as a ministry servant for God,” Augsburger says. “It is an intense desire that drives the decision-making process.”

Paul and Jeremiah in the Bible are two people who served God in spite of extreme trials. Like Paul and Jeremiah, Augsburger says, those in ministry today need perseverance, selflessness, and sincerity.

Augsburger has been state representative of the association since 2007.