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Camp Director Shares Tips for Helping Children Cope with Change

HILLSBORO, Ind.—For many families, helping their young children cope with change is a burning issue, especially since many children are currently unable to attend school due to the coronavirus. Director Jon Beight of Twin Lakes Camp and Conference Center has produced a video to help parents talk to their children about how to cope with change. He offers parents these four tips:

  1. Be positive. Enjoy the changes.
  2. Give hope. Look forward to things you will do in the future.
  3. Encourage discussions. Look for two-way dialogue.
  4. Get outside! Use the camp’s upcoming outdoor educational helps.

Twin Lakes Camp is producing outdoor educational tools to encourage children to get outside and discover God’s creation. Those tools will be available in the next few days, Jon says.

The camp plans to continue its programs this summer as scheduled. “Students will benefit mentally, socially, and spiritually by the familiar surroundings of camp,” Jon says. “The clean air and outside environment will be just what is needed, and gives something fun and familiar to look forward to!”