Surf-Camp1_INNEWHALL, Calif.—The Alive college ministry at Placerita Baptist Church enjoys retreats throughout the year, the most recent being Camp and Surf at San Onofre (Calif.) State Beach.

The students and their friends attended the weekend away March 28 and 29. They learned to surf and enjoyed fellowshipping with one another over Frisbee, volleyball, and s’mores.

Placerita Baptist’s ministry to college students exists to glorify God by proclaiming the gospel, serving others, and growing to become more like Christ. Retreats like Camp and Surf, says leader Michael Seehusen, are “a wonderful time encouraging one another while taking advantage of opportunities to share the gospel and love others along the way!”

Surf-Camp3_INOn the evening of April 10, the group also “loved others” in a unique way: After meeting at the church, they headed to a Laundromat, where they paid for people’s laundry and shared the gospel in an event they call Laundry Love.