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Baptist Fellowship Association Meets for Annual Conference

ATLANTA, Ga.—The Baptist Fellowship Association (which recently changed its name from the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship Association) held its annual conference July 14–16, focusing on the theme “Healing the Ethnic Divide.” The conference marked the culmination of three years of conferences dealing with the ethnic divide in the church, with this year’s emphasis based on Dr. John Perkins’ book One Blood: Parting Words to the Church on Race and Love.

Workshops included topics such as “The Church Should Look like That,” “Tear Down This Wall,” and “Forgiveness: It’s in Our DNA.” The conference ended with Dr. Tony Evans presenting a message. Participants were greatly blessed and challenged by the messages and workshops. The association is looking forward to its 2020 Conference in Kansas City, Missouri, with the theme “Revitalizing the Relevance of the Church.”