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Archery Ministry Points People to Jesus

centershot3_inlineMAINE, N.Y.—First Baptist Church kicked off its first archery ministry this September. Dedicated volunteers and generous donations made the event possible.

Partnering with Centershot Ministries, First Baptist’s new program uses archery as a means to teach people to make Christ the target of their lives. The eight-week course, which First Baptist will make available at various times throughout the year, is designed for all experience levels, ages 6 and up.

Regardless of previous practice, all participants learn the fundamentals of archery through Centershot’s 11-step shooting technique. Even those who have never picked up a bow before learn proper form and mechanics to not only execute a great shot but also to evaluate each shot step by step. A short Bible study is incorporated into each week’s archery lesson.

For its first program, 26 people attended, with only eight of those attending First Baptist Church. Sixteen people went through training to become instructors.

“This ministry mobilized our members to serve others,” says Pastor Jim Barnes. “As the pastor of FBC Maine, I believe in this program because it allows our members to build relationships with those who participate and ultimately point people to Jesus.”