Jim Newheiser and Elyse Fitzpatrick
P & R Publishing, 224 Pages, Paper, $14.99

Here’s another book that somewhat relates to the current economy, since many young adults are living at home with their parents to save money. But the book offers valuable advice to parents about relating to their adult children, regardless of whether they are remaining at home or have moved out. “Well intentioned parents, who have devoted two decades of their lives trying to shape their children, are having a hard time letting go of their adult kids, especially when they make choices of which they do not approve. What authority do parents have over their grown kids? What should parents do if their children make choices with which they disagree?”

Emphasis is on the spiritual aspects of the hard realities and issues of life: “Rather than relying on a list of formulaic steps, it will point you to the cross and to the one Man who had a perfect Father, and who was a perfect Son.” Author and conference speaker Tedd Tripp says the book “answers the most frequently asked questions with biblical clarity, wisdom, and insight. . . . This is a book I will buy in bulk and recommend to many.” Lots of readers will, no doubt, also identify with the case studies that introduce the chapters. The book ends with several helpful appendixes, including “Resolving Conflict with In-Laws.”