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Why the GARBC Needs Young People, Part 2

On Monday Pastor David King gave three excellent reasons why the GARBC needs young people. Another obvious reason the GARBC (or any institution or movement, for that matter) needs young people is to replace those older servants whose work on earth is coming to an end. Charles Spurgeon notes,

We want you, beloved youths, because the older soldiers are going off the field, and others of us will soon have to think of ourselves as in the same category. Nobody in our army ever retires on half-pay; blessed be God they shall have their full joy, even when they can do but little, and they have the pledge of a fall heaven hereafter. Still many have been taken away from us, and our ranks are thinned. Oh for recruits to fill up the vacancies! Good women, earnest matrons who were serving in the schools, and in the classes; good men who were preaching in the streets, and doing good in all ways, are falling asleep. Young men and women, step forward and fill the places of your fathers and mothers! We cannot have a better stock; none could be more welcome than your fathers’ sons and daughters (“A Double Knock at the Door of the Young”, Sword and the Trowel, December 1874).

For every Moses there must be a Joshua; for every Elijah there must be an Elisha; and for every Paul there must be a Timothy. May the Lord help us to faithfully follow the footsteps of those who have gone before!

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