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Who Is the Antichrist? Answering the Question Everyone Is Asking

By April 20, 2012July 16th, 2014No Comments

Mark Hitchcock
Harvest House, 198 Pages, Paper, $13.99

Prolific prophecy author Hitchcock presents a new work to answer the question of the curious, Who is the Antichrist? He begins with addressing why there is currently so much interest in and speculation about the Antichrist, why Christians should care, what the Bible says about the Antichrist, whether believers will know who he is before the Rapture, and whether they should even figure out his identity.

Part 2 examines the character of the Antichrist: what the name means, what the spirit of Antichrist is, his nationality, his connection with the Devil, the mark of the beast, and numerous other questions. Part 3 deals with Antichrist’s rise to power—how it will happen and signs of his coming. Part 4 covers the length and career of the Antichrist, identity of the false prophet, the two witnesses, and other issues. Part 5 deals with the consummation of the Antichrist: Armageddon and related events and how all of these matters apply to believers’ lives today.

Hitchcock is a reliable teacher of end-times doctrine.

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