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D. A. Carson
Eerdmans Publishing, 186 Pages, Hardcover, $24.00

“Far from bringing peace, the new tolerance is progressively becoming more intolerant, fostering moral myopia, proving unable to engage in serious and competent discussions about truth, letting personal and social evils fester, and remaining blind to the political and international perceptions of our tolerant cultural profile.” Carson, one of the best-known Christian writers, has hit the nail on the head concerning this deep-seated and growing insanity in American culture. No one should hold to Biblical standards, say these people who profess to be tolerant while accusing people of faith of being intolerant. Actually the “tolerant” are revealing themselves to be intolerant, demonstrates Carson. Examples are included, such as homosexuals who want toleration for themselves while fighting against those who believe homosexuality is sin. The final chapter gives the believer 10 ways to deal with the problem, including #9: “Be Prepared to Suffer.” Ironically, “if something more than sneering condescension should be imposed on Christians in Western countries,” it will be “in the name of preserving tolerance” (italics his).

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