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Albert Mohler
Bethany House, 222 Pages, Hardcover, $22.99

Albert Mohler is one of those writers whose familiar name compels the reader to take notice, no matter the topic. This book on leadership is no exception. Mohler exercised strong leadership when he transformed Southern Baptist Theological Seminary from a liberal institution to a sound one. At 33, he became the youngest president in its 153-year history. So he would be expected to know something about leadership.

This book will help those in all kinds of leadership. Among his emphases are (1) the leader needs a change of heart and mind, rather than merely to exercise administrative skills; (2) having convictions starts with a purpose, not just a plan; (3) the leader needs not only to think like a leader but to achieve followers who learn as well; and (4) true leaders are also readers.

The word “convictions” understandably rings throughout the book, and toward the end Mohler writes, “Christians have established hundreds of colleges, universities, and schools only to see them turn and reject the very convictions that brought them into being. . . . A study of the major philanthropic foundations in the United States found that very few of them remained in any sense connected to the convictions and concerns of those who originally funded them decades ago.”

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