Mark Hitchcock
Harvest House, 237 Pages, Paper, $13.99

Part 1 of this book has 10 chapters for “10 Amazing Fulfilled Prophecies.” Included is “the greatest prophecy ever given” (chapter 4). The reviewer is tempted to list these 10 and also “let the cat out of the bag” about which Hitchcock considers the greatest one, but will let the reader find out.

Part 2 consists of 10 chapters concerning “10 Amazing Future Prophecies.” The book ends with a plea for the reader to trust Christ as Savior if he/she hasn’t already. The book is a truly great summary of Bible prophecy by a sound prophecy student of the highest order. A number of helpful charts and lists enhance the contents, such as “20 Key Predictive Prophecies of Daniel,”  “An Overview of the Reuniting of Europe,” “History of Babylon,” and “Six Historical Raptures.”