J. Steven Hunt
Reedy Press, 138 Pages, Hardcover, $49.95 + $4.00 S&H

Western Baptist Bible College (now Corban University) was part of the former GARBC approval system of colleges. This tribute book mentions many people who were, and still are, a part of our fellowship. The book is filled with interesting historic photos and other memorabilia.

Corban University is unique, as three states have been its home (Arizona, California, Oregon), and it has held a variety of names: Phoenix Bible Institute, Phoenix Baptist Bible Institute, Western Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary, Western Baptist College, Corban College, and now Corban University and Graduate School. The school’s presidents have often played a significant part in the history of the GARBC, including Dr. H. O. Van Gilder, who also was the fellowship’s first national representative. Interestingly, Herbert Farrar Jr., president from 1946 to 1948, celebrated his 101st birthday last year.