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Book Review: Revelation 20 and the Millennial Debate

MATTHEW WAYMEYER, Kress Christian Publications, 129 Pages, Paper, $9.99

Revelation 20 is a significant portion of Scripture regarding the upcoming “one thousand years” in which Christ will reign on earth. Here is a valuable treatment of the passage, as it shows and compares several interpretations of the doctrine of the Millennium and then refutes the views that don’t take the Scriptures literally. Chapters 1 and 2 of the book offer a basic introduction to eschatology (the study of future Biblical events) and the book of Revelation for those readers who might need it. The book is in outline form, with concluding summary remarks at the end of each chapter. Extensive endnotes and bibliography follow at the end. Dr. Robert Gromacki calls the work “clear, precise, and well documented.”

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