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Is It Wrong for Christians to Use the Word “X-mas”?

By December 1, 2002July 16th, 2014No Comments


Is it wrong for Christians to use the word “X-mas”?

Scripture doesn’t address the specific issue. But shouldn’t we believers use every opportunity to name the name of Christ? Using “Christmas” instead of “X-mas” might be one small way. I know the argument that “X” might have stood for Christos in Greek/Latin manuscripts. But how many people on the street know this? The world uses “X-mas” as a shortcut or even as a way to avoid the sacred aspect of the season.

Consider the aspect of reverence and respect for Christ. Would you like to be called X-(and part of your name)? It seems His name should be revered, not altered.

Someone sent me a column from a secular writer who lamented the secularization of Christmas. He wishes people “Happy Christmas” instead of “happy holidays.” If that unbeliever is concerned about the use of Christ’s name, it would seem believers should be too.

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Reprinted from the Baptist Bulletin (December 2002).
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