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Norman L. Geisler
Bethany House
173 Pages, Paper, $14.99

As this review was being written, the world had just experienced one of the worst earthquakes in history (Japan’s largest since the beginning of such record keeping). No doubt people around the globe are asking, “If God is good and powerful, why does evil exist?” It is perhaps the most difficult question that Christians face. Can’t God put an end to all the “bad things”—murder, starvation, war, tsunamis, death? Geisler is one of today’s most well-known apologists for the Christian faith. At the book’s onset, he gives three views on evil, followed by material on its nature, origin, persistence, purpose, and “avoidability.” He also includes chapters on Hell, the problem of those who have never heard the gospel, and evidence for the existence of God. Also, he offers his critique of a popular but controversial book, The Shack. This alone may make the book worthwhile for those who have wondered about that best seller.

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