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God’s Appointments: 50 Years of Soul Winning

By July 18, 2012July 16th, 2014No Comments

Gloria Vermaas Goering
Xulon Press, 472 Pages, Paper, $24.99

A longtime member of one of our GARBC churches has produced an unpretentious yet unique book: Gloria Goering kept a record of conversations she was able to “turn into a soul winning experience.” This book relates many interesting testimonies, all the way from the present back to 1959, when Gloria became a Christian at 15.

But the book has more. Gloria begins by summarizing the way of salvation, “what I try to share when talking to people about how to become a Christian.” She ends the book with a section on practical tips for witnessing, like this one: “Avoid prejudging. It is easy to jump to the conclusion that certain individuals are not open to the Gospel. . . . God specializes in reaching persons we consider to be unlikely.”

Pastor Ron Graef writes, “I would heartily recommend her book. . . . Seeing the need to train more Christians to be lifestyle witnesses, I asked Gloria if she would teach a course called ‘Serious about Soul Winning.’ . . . It was so successful, she has agreed to teach a second group of students. . . . I wish I had learned many years ago some of the simple techniques and explanations she uses and recommends.” Perhaps not surprisingly, someone was saved as the result of that course!

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