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Fights I Didn’t Start . . . And Some I Did—Round 2

Robert L. Sumner
Biblical Evangelism Press, 265 Pages, Paper, $12.00

Some time ago the Baptist Bulletin reviewed Sumner’s first book by this title. In the book Sumner, editor of The Biblical Evangelist, provided valuable insight on a number of pertinent subjects through “controversies” he experienced. Now he has made available a sequel, providing information on additional issues. Included are topics such as the Scriptural mode of baptism, Seventh-day Adventism and whether it is truly a cult, questions about Christmas, lordship salvation, J. Frank Norris, God in relation to hearing the prayers of Jews, Westcott & Hort, and Baptists and “extreme” Calvinism. Sumner is always interesting, and the reader is bound to find some surprises too.

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