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You know people have been doing those “25 random things about me” notes on Facebook recently . . . Right? . . . Okay, are you in the loop? Anyway,  somewhat out of the loop, I’m curious about your favorites in theology. Take the plunge and fill out this quick quiz:

1. Favorite systematic theology?

2. Favorite class in seminary/college?

3. Favorite recently read book?

4. Favorite current author?

5. Favorite historical author?

6. Favorite commentary series?

7. Favorite Bible software?

My answers:

1. Favorite systematic theology? Lewis and Demarest—Integrative Theology

2. Favorite class in seminary/college? There were several, but Pentateuch with Lawlor at BBS was awesome at helping me see so many of the themes of the Bible and how to read the OT. It was awesome.

3. Favorite recently read book? Currently reading some of The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment by Burroughs. Excellent stuff. Google it in Google books. Before that, The Prodigal God by Tim Keller.

4. Favorite current author? Tie between John Piper and Jerry Bridges.

5. Favorite historical author? My new favorite is Jeremiah Burroughs.

6. Favorite commentary series? In seminary I really liked the NIBC (New International Biblical Commentary). Now I’m more inclined to get NICOT/NICNT but also be more eclectic.

7. Favorite Bible software? I was given Logos in college and haven’t looked back.

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  • Gary Collins says:

    1. Favorite systematic theology? Barackman

    2. Favorite class in seminary/college? Methods of Hermeneutics

    3. Favorite recently read book? Essential Church by Thom Rainer

    4. Favorite current author? Thom Rainer

    5. Favorite historical author? Warren Wiersbe

    6. Favorite commentary series? The Communicator’s Commentary

    7. Favorite Bible software? Power Bible

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