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Did Adam and Eve Really Exist?

By April 20, 2012July 16th, 2014No Comments

C. John Collins
Crossway Books, 192 Pages, Paper, $15.99

The title notes perhaps the latest in a series of evangelical questionings of Bible doctrines that Christians have simply accepted in the past as Biblical fact: God’s omniscience, Hell, and origins are examples. Collins does not merely brush aside doubters’ questions concerning a literal Adam and Eve without even considering them; on the other hand, he defends the historic literal position on our first parents: “My goal in this study is to show why I believe we should retain a version of the traditional view, in spite of any pressures to abandon it.” Chapters attempting to do this include those that survey the Biblical story and examine Bible texts that speak of Adam and Eve.

A couple of cautions might be in order. Collins is covenant in theology; he appears weak on creationism, origins, and a young earth; and he could have been much stronger in making the case for a literal Adam and Eve through Jesus’ genealogy, which goes all the way back to Adam (Luke 3:23–38).

The book should be readable to most, and those researching the subject may appreciate the extensive bibliography and the general and Scripture indexes.

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