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Courage to Stand: An American Story

By July 21, 2011July 16th, 2014No Comments

Tim Pawlenty
Tyndale House, 301 Pages, Hardcover, $26.99

Yes, he was a successful two-term conservative governor of his liberal home state, Minnesota. Yes, his name is becoming known nationally as a U.S. presidential hopeful. But this autobiography is about a man with a humble blue-collar childhood and youth, whose mother died when he was 16, who learned what hard work and perseverance mean. But even more so, it is the story of one raised a Catholic who became a born-again Christian and evangelical who endeavors to, with his wife, “be a follower of Christ.” He says, “I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal Savior. I acknowledge and worship Him regularly through prayer, by reading Scripture, and by attending worship services. I also try, however imperfectly, to apply His teachings to my life and, when appropriate, to share them with others.”

Pawlenty also relates how he stood up for what he believed to be right in various issues and situations “and to find real solutions to problems caused by decades of overspending, overpromising, and underperforming.”

The book has an encouraging tone throughout, as readers are able to relate in various ways to the observations and feelings of small-city life and family. Some lifestyle issues might not be on the same eye level as that of separatist fundamentalists; nevertheless, the book educates concerning one of the names on the current political scene and therefore is valuable. One wonders how the Lord will use this talented man in the days ahead.

A color pictorial section graces the middle of the book.

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