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Child Safety Guidelines 
for Local Churches

By November 17, 2011July 16th, 2014No Comments

Roger N. McNamara
Xulon Press, 156 Pages, Paper, $14.99

Troubling news about tragic sins committed against children comes to us constantly, it would seem, demanding that we do all we can to prevent such incidents. Churches are not immune, and the author in his introduction mentions a frightening experience that happened in his church. He wisely but sadly points out, too, that “Christians, including many church leaders, are among the most naive people in the world! We live in our ivory palaces, send our kids to Christian schools or else home school them, attend good Bible-teaching churches, and limit our fellowship to a small group of Christian friends.”

This useful book is divided into five main sections: (1) Why Do We Need a Child Safety Program? (2) Child Abuse—What Is It? (3) Policies and Procedures, (4) Educating Your People, and (5) Samples and Forms.

McNamara is the church-planting training specialist for Baptist Mid-Missions. He has 46 years of experience in church ministry, including as pastor, missionary, and church planter.

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