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Why You Can Have Confidence in the Bible


Harvest House, 269 Pages, Paper, $12.99

A book like this can be used greatly in minds that might otherwise be swayed by the bombardment of media stories today that raise doubts concerning key Bible doctrines and events, casting a pall over the integrity of the Word itself. Sala suggests through various statistics that even professing Christians don’t take the Bible seriously. For example, he cites sobering research that shows there are now slightly more divorces among the Christian community than in the secular world. The trustworthiness of Scripture is under fire these days—a serious problem.

The word “why” in the book’s title is significant. If we can profess confidence in the Scriptures, we ought to know why we can. Sala gives us a number of “bridges” that we can cross to reinforce our confidence in the Bible: archaeology, fulfilled prophecy, manuscript evidence, uniqueness, and so on. Sala also includes chapters on dealing with uncertainty, changed lives through the Scriptures, and, for those who are convinced to embrace and study the Word, how to get started, how to get the most from Bible study, and how to get the Word into one’s inner being. Thus it is a fine book for students in secular schools. Chapters end with thought-provoking questions (“Think It Over, Talk It Over”).

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