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Book Review: Proclaiming God’s Stories

JOE LINARES, Bob Jones University Press, 192 Pages, Paper, $18.95

A pastor himself, this author endeavors to show other pastors how to preach those parts of the Old Testament that are historical narrative. In Linares’s introduction, he points out several facts when it comes to preachers’ handling of these parts of Scripture: it is the single most literary form in the Bible (comprising about a third); most preachers feel inept in preaching narratives, with many of them having little training in these; relatively few helps are available in this area. If the latter is true, this book could assist in this direction. Linares is committed to the need for hermeneutics to precede homiletics and to exegesis to precede exposition.

Among the chapters of the book are ones dealing with the use of plot, the use of scene, the use of stylistic devices, and developing and demonstrating a methodology for preaching these passages. Steps and models in these are included, with sampling sermon development of a specific passage. A bibliography ends this work.

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