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Sherwood Pictures; 119 Minutes; $17.49 

Incredible! Moving! Action-packed! And to think that a local church, not Hollywood, is producing movies like this one, and on a tight budget and cast at that! This reviewer and his wife cried and laughed through the entire production. It is a must for all married couples-and others too. The movie rightly shows that the real answer to marriage problems and divorce is salvation in Christ. But what a tool this movie is to demonstratively direct viewers to this fact. “Stable” marriages can be strengthened, too, through the message of this drama.

The book The Love Dare (B&H Publishing) plays an important part in the story line of the movie, and the book’s 40-day plan includes lots of good material in helping marriages. Both the DVD and the book are desperately needed in showing people where the answers are in this day of crumbling marriages and families.

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