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Assurance of Salvation

By November 17, 2011July 16th, 2014No Comments

Matthew C. Hoskinson
Bob Jones University Press, 228 Pages, Paper, $22.95

For many years Regular Baptist Press has published a well-received book written by Dr. Robert Gromacki, Salvation Is Forever, which focuses on the doctrine of the security of the believer. Assurance of Salvation could be seen as more of an academic book (it was the author’s dissertation) regarding various aspects of the subject, but devoting considerable background, for example, to the history of assurance of salvation.

The book begins with a lengthy chapter that surveys the views of Luther, Calvin, Wesley, and others on assurance and includes their definitions of it. Chapter 2 explains three primary contemporary views of assurance, with a chart. Chapters 3–6 go from Genesis through the General Epistles, treating the theology of “hope” as it relates to assurance. The conclusion assesses, among other things, the contemporary views previously offered and identifies their strengths and weaknesses. An extensive bibliography completes the book.

Assurance of Salvation will, no doubt, interest those who are studying this doctrine in an academic setting.

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