The Alabama Supreme Court has just ruled in a case that “unborn children are persons with rights that should be protected by law,” reports The case involved two women who had been charged under a “chemical endangerment” law because they had ingested illegal drugs—one, cocaine, and the second, methamphetamine—while pregnant. One woman’s baby tested positive for cocaine when born; the other baby was born prematurely and died shortly thereafter due to “acute methamphetamine intoxication.” They women appealed their convictions, with their lawyers making numerous arguments but one in particular: that the word “child” does not apply to an unborn child or a fetus. The Court said otherwise. In its concluding remarks, the Alabama Supreme Court said, “The decision of this Court today is in keeping with the widespread legal recognition that unborn children are persons with rights that should be protected by law. Today, the only major area in which unborn children are denied legal protection is abortion, and that denial is only because of the dictates of Roe. Furthermore, the decision in the present cases is consistent with the Declaration of Rights in the Alabama Constitution, which states that ‘all men are equally free and independent; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,'” said the Court. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Jan. 22, thousands of citizens across the nation will be marking a tragic anniversary with prayer and visits to hundreds of memorial sites, reports They will be remembering the lives of the over 55 million children killed by abortion in the United States since the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

Other news:

  • President Obama declared Jan. 17 Religious Freedom Day, but critics are charging his proclamation as “hypocritical,” reports “As we observe Religious Freedom Day, let us remember the legacy of faith and independence we have inherited, and let us honor it by forever upholding our right to exercise our beliefs free from prejudice or persecution,” President Obama said in his proclamation. However, Marjorie Dannenfelser, with the Susan B. Anthony List, said the president’s proclamation is “hypocritical.” She cited the administration’s mandate that employers provide insurance covering abortion-inducing drugs and sterilization, even if they have religious or moral objections. “Our religious liberty and rights of conscience have been threatened like never before under President Obama,” she said. “[He] must first rescind his HHS mandate before making any proclamations on the subject—this is blatant hypocrisy.” Also, President Obama showed the kind of care and regard for human life when it comes to the issue of guns that he never has when it comes to abortion, reports in reference to the Sandy Hook tragedy.
  • A Wisconsin school district is under fire after a parent exposed the content of a diversity class that allegedly promotes a critical race theory, teaching students that white people are oppressors and enjoy “white privilege,” Fox News’ Todd Starnes reported. Students at Delavan-Darien High School in Delavan, Wis. found themselves subjected to “indoctrination,” according to one parent. “They’re teaching white guilt,” the parent, who asked not to be identified, told Fox News. “They’re dividing the students. They’re saying to non-whites, ‘You have been oppressed and you’re still being oppressed.’” The parent’s 18-year-old son was reportedly enrolled in the class and some of the handouts provided by the teacher concerned her. She said it felt like “indoctrination.” “This is a radical left agenda and ideology that is now embedded in our school,” she said, adding that students were taught “if you’re white, you’re oppressing. If you’re non-white, you’ve been a victim.”
  • “For years we have been warning that same-sex ‘marriage’ is not the end goal of the radical homosexual legal agenda,” says Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Legal Counsel Erik Stanley in The Christian Post. “Instead, the end goal of that movement is the silencing of all dissent. Numerous examples abound in other countries where we see the inevitable consequence of approving same-sex ‘marriage.’ In his latest column on, Alliance Defending Freedom President and General Counsel Alan Sears told how France is now seeking to censor speech in opposition to efforts to redefine marriage or gender. When a society’s laws recognizing marriage as the union of one man and one woman are changed to honor the unions of same-sex couples, it’s not just the law that changes—it’s also the society itself that changes. A top-down metamorphosis begins in which every aspect of public law changes to match the new definition of marriage. Today, this is playing out in France with great clarity.”
  • 2013 marks the first full year many of the massive provisions of ObamaCare take effect, says Rasmussen Reports. “But few know the actual law. At over 2,700 pages—with an additional 13,000 pages of regulations (so far)—the ObamaCare law is longer than the Bible and far more demanding in its requirements and taxes! ObamaCare will affect the life of each and every American, including you. Experts warn of doctor shortages and huge Medicare changes. And the new ‘Medicaid parity rule’ puts Medicaid on the same payment basis as Medicare—hurting seniors.” Rasmussen also finds that two out of three Americans recognize that their constitutional right to own a gun was intended to ensure their freedom. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 65 percent of American adults think the purpose of the Second Amendment is to make sure that people are able to protect themselves from tyranny.
  • Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the world’s largest retailer and the nation’s largest private employer, is making a pledge to hire every veteran who wants a job, reports The plan is set to be announced as part of an address by Bill Simon, president and CEO of Wal-Mart’s namesake U.S. business. Wal-Mart, based in Bentonville, Ark., says it projects it will hire more than 100,000 veterans in the next five years. Honorably discharged veterans will have a “place to go,” says Wal-Mart’s Simon, according to prepared text supplied by the discounter. The hiring pledge, which will begin on Memorial Day, covers veterans within 12 months of leaving active duty. Most of the jobs will be in Wal-Mart’s stores or its Sam’s club locations. Some will be in the company’s distribution centers. “Let’s be clear; hiring a veteran can be one of the best decisions any of us can make,” Simon plans to say in his address to retailers gathered on the third day of the four-day National Retail Federation convention. “Veterans have a record of performance under pressure. They’re quick learners, and they’re team players. These are leaders with discipline, training, and a passion for service. There is a seriousness and sense of purpose that the military instills, and we need it today more than ever.”
  • The National Rifle Association is calling President Barack Obama an “elitist hypocrite” for allowing his daughters to be protected by armed guards at their school while being skeptical about putting armed security in the nation’s schools, reports Obama’s children attend the elite private school Sidwell in Washington. The school has approximately a dozen armed security guards. This doesn’t include the Secret Service detail also provided to the president’s children. The NRA posted a 35-second video online Tuesday night on a new website for its advocacy campaign, “NRA Stand and Fight,” asking why presidential daughters should be protected at their private Washington, D.C., school. “Are the president’s kids more important than yours? Then why is he skeptical about putting armed security in our schools, when his kids are protected by armed guards at their school?” the video’s narrator says.
  • Pauline Friedman Phillips, who under the name of Abigail Van Buren wrote the long-running “Dear Abby” advice column that was followed by millions of newspaper readers throughout the world, has died, reports. She was 94. Publicist Gene Willis of Universal Uclick said Phillips died Wednesday after a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Phillips’ column competed for decades with the advice column of Ann Landers, written by her twin sister, Esther Friedman Lederer. Their relationship was stormy in their early adult years, but later they regained the close relationship they had growing up in Sioux City, Iowa. The two columns differed in style. Ann Landers responded to questioners with homey, detailed advice. Abby’s replies were often flippant one-liners. Phillips admitted that her advice on Biblical matters changed over the years. When she started writing the column, she was reluctant to advocate divorce: “I always thought that marriage should be forever,” she explained. “I found out through my readers that sometimes the best thing they can do is part. If a man or woman is a constant cheater, the situation can be intolerable. Especially if they have children. When kids see parents fighting, or even sniping at each other, I think it is terribly damaging.” She willingly expressed views that she realized would bring protests. In a 1998 interview she remarked, “Whenever I say a kind word about gays, I hear from people, and some of them are . . . mad. People throw Leviticus, Deuteronomy and other parts of the Bible to me. It doesn’t bother me. I’ve always been compassionate toward gay people.”
  • The nation’s biggest arms store, Charlotte, N.C.’s, Hyatt Gun Shop, is calling on gun owners to revolt against President Obama’s new gun control move, warning that Washington has its eyes on trashing the Second Amendment and stealing gun rights, reports Hyatt has turned part of its retail webpage over to the plea for action: “Whining to other gun owners and giving up on dialogue with your representatives in Congress is how you GIVE AWAY your gun rights! Remember to contact your representative and senator TODAY and keep contacting them. We cannot stress this enough!” Owner Larry Hyatt said, “People are outraged. They hate the government. I don’t think we’ve seen this much divisiveness since the Civil War.” In related news, reports that Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) in an interview said that the President doesn’t “have the guts to admit he doesn’t believe in the Second Amendment.” reports that “from Oregon to Mississippi, President Barack Obama’s proposed ban on new assault weapons and large-capacity magazines struck a nerve among rural lawmen and lawmakers, many of whom vowed to ignore any restrictions—and even try to stop federal officials from enforcing gun policy in their jurisdictions. A lot of sheriffs are now standing up and saying, ‘Follow the Constitution,’” said Josephine County Sheriff Gil Gilbertson, whose territory covers the timbered mountains of southwestern Oregon. Thousands of gun owners across America have had enough of the Obama administration’s attack on the Second Amendment, and they’re preparing to take their concerns to the capitols in at least 47 states this Saturday at 12 p.m., reports Texan Eric Reed, founder and national coordinator of the “Guns Across America” rallies, told WorldNetDaily he’s irritated about all the talk of new gun-control regulations and overreach by the federal government in violation of Americans’ Second Amendment rights. “I was trying to figure out why people weren’t being more proactive about this,” Reed said. “Then I realized I’m part of the problem. It takes somebody to stand up and say, ‘Hey, we’re not going to accept this. We’re against it.’ We want Americans who feel the same way to come out. We want to stand up, be united and get our point across.”