2012-Bible-End-of-WorldMark Hitchcock
Harvest House, 184 Pages, Paper, $12.99

A number of predications are circulating these days concerning the Lord’s return and the end of the world. Even some professing believers are either date setting or falling victim to date setters’ theories, particularly to the belief that the entire globe will experience the Day of Apocalypse next year. This conclusion comes from the fact that, as the back cover says, “ancient Mayans were expert astronomers, and their advanced calendar cycles end on December 21, 2012.”

But what does the Bible say? Hitchcock, who has written more than a dozen sound, Biblical books on Bible prophecy, puts the question into proper perspective, as he focuses on what the Scriptures truly teach about facing the future. Thus the book is both an antidote to date setting (one interesting section summarizes failed predictions) and a great review of the Bible’s timetable of things to come.