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Worship/Ministry Resources

As you certainly noticed, this section is called “Worship/Ministry Resources.” You are probably marveling at the amazing scope of topics that this heading covers! We are aware, and it was intentional. This section covers many of the practical or methodological sides of ministry. The term “worship” can be interpreted in many different ways. Our goal is to provide a venue where pastors can share service tools and resources for worship services. This will obviously include the area of music. Many new songs that are being written today have tremendous lyrics and wonderful music, and we would like you to share those ideas on this blog. Additionally, people will be able to share titles of special music, orchestra resources, choir resources, drama scripts, or service plans. Please be generous in sharing those things that have been blessings in your ministries so others can benefit as well.

As for “ministry resources,” this heading really is as broad as it sounds! If you have benefited from certain curriculum, then share it. If you discovered a unique way to reach out to your community, then share it. If you heard about a new way to promote and utilize small groups, then share it. This aspect of the site embodies the mantra “Together we can accomplish more.” Sharing resources like this is the reason we are a part of an association. It is one of its main benefits, and Lord willing, this blog will provide a perfect venue for this kind of cooperation.

If you would like to contribute an idea, a song that you have found, or a ministry resource, please email me at We will be perpetually collecting the things that are sent to us and will choose the “best of the best” to post on the site.

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