Our church plant is using two songs this Christmas season from RESOUNDworship. RESOUNDworship is a group of songwriters based in the U.K. who are “seeking to resource the church with heartfelt, crafted, accessible worship songs.” Their website provides free access to the songs this team has written and produced for churches.

The first of the two songs we are using this year is We Worship a Wonderful Savior. This song is focused on the glories of the Incarnation. The lyrics to the chorus are “Praise Immanuel, praise the saviour, worship God on high. He has come to us. Praise Immanuel, praise the saviour, worship Jesus Christ. He is one with us.

The second song is What Kind of Throne? This song begins by asking, “What kind of throne is a manger of hay, no majesty shown there, no dignity claimed, for one who deserves to be crowned and enthroned on our praise?”

We have enjoyed using several other songs from RESOUNDworship throughout the year, but these two Christmas songs have been an encouragement to us of late. Perhaps you, too, will be encouraged by the “Godward” focus of RESOUNDworship.