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September 2020 Bb Pulse: God Is Using the GARBC

Hello, friend,

Despite everything the world tells us to be discouraged about, we remain encouraged in the unfailing promises of our great God. This issue of Bb Pulse will highlight a number of ways that God is using the GARBC to help “Make Disciples through Healthy Local Churches.” Nothing can change the Savior’s mandate for the church to make disciples. And I give you my word that nothing will keep us as a fellowship of doctrinally aligned churches from staying true to that mandate. The need for a vibrant and doctrinally sound fellowship of churches like the GARBC has never been greater.

Take some time to take advantage of these articles and ministry updates. My goal with each edition of Bb Pulse is to provide you with helpful resources that are practical and relevant while still being doctrinally sound. It’s important that we understand that our theological stand has practical implications. Theology seeps into every crevice of the believer’s life. The July/August Baptist Bulletin homes in on this subject as it points out that theology is for everyone, not just for those with formal theological training.

It’s truly an honor to serve this association. Your prayers are a great encouragement to me and my wife, Christina. Thank you for the privilege to serve as your national rep.

Mike Hess
GARBC National Representative

September 2020 Bb Pulse is ready to view!

Association Updates

News from Regular Baptist Ministries

  • Mike Hess: Highlights of God’s Blessings
  • Mark Johnson: Financial News during the Pandemic
  • Manning Brown: Chaplains Provide Godly Care, Counsel, and Comfort
  • David Gunn: Theology Is for Everyone
  • Clare Jewell: New Projects, Networks, and Church Plants

Regular Baptist Administrative Team Itineraries

Improving Your Ministry Skills

Mike’s Picks: Resources for Ministry

  • Commentary: “Five Ways to Encourage Your Pastor during a Global Crisis”
  • Article: “Meatless, Cheeseless, Crustless Pizza and the Evangelical Church”
  • Article: “Your Pastor’s Wife Is Human”
  • Article: “It’s OK to Disagree”
  • Article: “Preventing Ministry Collapse”
  • Article: “The DNA of Diotrephes”

Resources, Retreats, and Events


  • Biblical Resources on Cultural Issues Today
  • Summit Christian Academy Seeking Teacher

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