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July 2021 Bb Pulse: Faithfulness to Scripture

The culture around us is rapidly attempting to redefine Biblical categories such as marriage, the home, love, gender, the roles of men and women in churches, and the basis of truth. But for those of us who follow Christ based on what Scripture teaches us, the categories that God clearly defines in His Word are never a moving target.

Faithfulness to the authority and sufficiency of Scripture are the guardrails to ministry fidelity. As an association of churches, we must never get sidetracked on zealously making disciples in church ministry. Nor should we ever allow ourselves to be “double-minded” (James 1:8) when the culture is so ferociously attacking Biblical truth.

Every ministry of the GARBC is steadfastly committed to believing that Biblical truth is the fuel that produces the fruit of dynamic, growing, and healthy churches. We witnessed this at our recent Annual GARBC Conference as faithful Biblical exegesis took center stage. The Word was faithfully expounded, and God’s people were richly fed and encouraged.

Our association is strongest when we are faithful to Scripture. Our churches are healthiest when everything we do is driven by Scripture. And our convictions are solid when they have a clear mandate from Scripture.

Mike Hess
GARBC National Representative

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