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February 2021 Bb Pulse: Our Hope Is Anchored in the Savior

Hello, friend,

This year is already off to an exciting and interesting start. Many of us couldn’t wait to say goodbye to 2020, only to be confronted with the same challenges in 2021. Thankfully, our theology and hope are not anchored in circumstances, politics, culture, or the 24-7 news cycle. Our hope is anchored in the Savior of the church: the Lord Jesus Christ. I trust that in this edition of Bb Pulse you sense our enthusiasm for making disciples through healthy local churches. Take some time to see how God is doing great things in our fellowship. I’ve also shared some articles that will stretch your thinking and provide practical help for ministering in your church.

Mike Hess
GARBC National Representative

February 2021 Bb Pulse is ready to view!

Association Updates

News from Regular Baptist Ministries

  • Mike Hess: Rejoicing in the impact of the GARBC
  • International: Sharing Christ’s love through discipleship and care
  • Mark Johnson: Updating governing documents to protect your church
  • Manning Brown: Forging through ministry challenges
  • David Gunn: Announcing new RBP book
  • Clare Jewell: Thanking God for generous donors

Regular Baptist Administrative Team Itineraries

Improving Your Ministry Skills

Mike’s Picks: Resources for Ministry

  • Article: “Should We Pursue Unity at All Costs?”
  • Podcast: “How to Leave a Church Well”
  • Article: “The Privilege of Pastoring”
  • Article: “5 Questions and Answers about COVID-19”

Resources, Retreats, and Events


  • Associate Pastor Needed in Lakeland, Florida
  • Summit Christian Academy Needs School Administrator

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Improving Your Ministry Skills

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