Some opportunities are worth investigating, and this may be one of those.

Chris Hindal, director of GARBC International Ministries, has been invited by the Church Ministries Institute (affiliated with ABWE) to bring 15 pastors to Ukraine Oct. 15–24. Ukraine is the Bible Belt of Eastern Europe. Each pastor, along with a fellow pastor, will have the opportunity to spend three days with a Ukrainian or Moldovan pastor, teach a class in the Bible institute (translated into Russian), or preach in a Ukrainian local church. This 10-day trip will help a pastor discover the methods for discipleship used in Ukraine, interact with fellow pastors regarding discipleship effectiveness in his own church, and consider the possibility of partnering with CMI.

Eastern Europe was closed to missionaries until 1991, when the people were liberated from the communist stranglehold. In 1991 approximately 600 evangelical Baptist churches dotted the landscape of this country. Today there are 3,000. CMI is committed to organizing local church–based Bible institutes for raising the Biblical literacy of each church. As students become engaged in formal Bible study, God is calling students into vocational ministry. God is working in Ukraine, and Chris wants you to see it firsthand.

WHO: U.S. pastors
WHAT: Survey of Christian Ministries Institute in Ukraine
WHERE: Fly as a group to and from Kiev, see the sights, spend time ministering in a local village, and visit the CMI headquarters in Odessa
PURPOSE: To discover what God is doing in this former USSR country, minister, and investigate the possibility of partnering as a local church with CMI
DATES: Oct. 15–24,
COST: $2,000

For more information, contact Chris Hindal, director of GARBC International Ministries, at or 224-234-7401.