THE VILLAGES, Fla.—Tri County Baptist Church held a unique dinner/drama/theater/choir cantata event this year as its Christmas program. With a maximum space for 200 each night in the new church facility, the people “sold” tickets to insure reservations. The programs were sold out both nights, even though the event wasn’t advertised. Choir members and support personnel served the meal as carolers donned in Victorian Period hats, bonnets, and capes strolled singing carols.

The choir performed the 45-minute presentation “Let All Heaven and Nature Sing,” preceded by a brief drama presentation featuring an excellent monologue story narrative by the “Inn Keeper.”  Pastor J. O. Purcell closed the evening with an appropriate invitation to consider the “Gift” of Jesus Christ; follow-up response sheets were available for all guests at the tables.

Church members found the event to be a great learning experience in organizing and in taking the initiative in utilizing their abilities, since many people in the church were involved. They also learned how to better use a special opportunity to introduce friends and neighbors to the church. One lady “bargained” to attend a Jewish friend’s Passover meal if she would consider attending her first Christmas event. Another couple found 17 neighbors in attendance.  As the carol says, “Go, Tell It on the Mountains.” It’s all about people reaching people.