Taylor, Mich.—For the past 18 years, teens at Evangel Baptist Church (Ken Pierpont, pastor) have presented their own Christmas concert. This year the 50 teens presented “It’s Christmas: What Could Be Better than That?” featuring choir music, drama, and dramatic readings.

Ken Pyne, associate pastor and director of the teen choir, says, “We could combine our teens with our adult choir, but this allows our teens to present something that is unique to them, and it draws a different group of people to come to their concert who then have an opportunity to hear the gospel. Preparation time gives us an opportunity to mentor our teens concerning ministry for the Lord. Also, we normally have an upper class guy give a gospel presentation at the end of the concert.”

In addition to performing the programs in church each year, the teens travel to another church to present the concert, often going to smaller churches where the teens’ ministry will be a special encouragement.