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Street Gangs Hamper Baptist Relief Efforts

PÉTIONVILLE, Haiti—“The streets are getting very difficult,” says Jason Nightingale during a GARBC online prayer meeting for the recent Haiti earthquake disaster.

Nightingale, who directs Wordsower International in support of Haiti orphanages, describes how street gangs continue to hamper relief efforts. “There is a large group of people who have come to camp outside My Father’s House because there is a generator there. When we left Wednesday to go out, there were toughs there trying to hinder our leaving, and that was only one day into the disaster.”

The orphanages, located east of Port-au-Prince on the northern hills of the Massif de la Selle, are directed by Pastor Prédestin Hérard, president of the Association des Énglises Evangeliques Baptistes d΄Haiti.

Several news outlets have reported that 4,000 convicted criminals escaped after the capital city’s National Penitentiary collapsed during the quake.

“The streets are unsafe,” Nightingale says.

“We don’t know how to get to any aid organizations—to know where they are—so we really need prayer for these children that we’ll get clean water for them to drink (we’ve been boiling water already), and that we’ll get food for them.”

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