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Relief Donations at Work in Haiti

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti—The congregation of Edner Demez’s church meets just outside their building, which was heavily damaged by the Haiti earthquake. Church members installed roof jacks to prevent the cement roof from complete collapse. Large cracks and gaping holes still surround the front door.

Chris Hindal, director of International Ministries for the GARBC, met Pastor Demez on a recent survey trip to learn how churches in the U.S. can help Haitian congregations. During their meeting, Pastor Demez repeatedly praised God for the earthquake because of its affect on the minds of his people. “Before the earthquake, the Haitian people would not listen,” he says. “Now, they want to know God.”

That change of heart has increased their church attendance from 200 people before the quake to around 350 now. During services, many people have to stand because they have run out of benches.

A short walk from the church is Pastor Demez’s rented house, which he calls his orphanage. The house’s bare concrete rooms are empty, except for one bed, a table, a blue tarp, and 21 children. When Hindal visited, the last food in the house was on the table ready to serve. Pastor Demez said there wasn’t enough for the next day, but he was sure the Lord would provide.

He did. After praying the family, Chris Hindal gave the pastor a gift equal to three months’ wages out of donations given to the Gospel Literature Services Emergency Relief Fund.

In addition to organizing church-based relief teams, Hindal is coordinating other relief efforts, suggesting that churches consider a $5,000 offering for building materials that can be purchased and delivered to the construction sites in advance of their team’s arrival.

  • Donate online to the Gospel Literature Services Emergency Relief Fund.
  • Receive a church offering and send it payable to Gospel Literature Services with “Emergency Relief” on the memo line.
  • Invite Chris Hindal to present GARBC International Ministries at your church. E-mail Chris:

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