Alex Bauman, director of Regular Baptist Press

SCHAUMBURG, Ill.—Regular Baptist Press has announced the development of a new imprint known as Regular Baptist Books, a publishing division designed to meet the growing needs of churches and seminaries. The first titles for Regular Baptist Books will be released the last week of June at the 2011 GARBC Conference in Denver, Colo.

“The new imprint is a purposeful venture for us,” says Alex Bauman, director of Regular Baptist Press. “It helps us show we are publishing products beyond our well-known lines of curriculum and Bible studies. Our core values are important and need a more visible platform in our churches and academic communities.”

Founded in 1952, Regular Baptist Press is a ministry of the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches. More than 5,000 churches use its curriculum products, which are well-respected for their careful approach to Bible teaching.

Some publishing categories have remained hot in the past three years, even though the publishing industry as a whole has faced decreasing book sales. In particular, academic books and substantive titles about evangelical Christian theology are seeing increased sales, despite dire predictions about the future of book publishing. In response, Regular Baptist Press has aggressively recruited new authors and identified important topics for 21st century readers.

Who will buy the new books? Alex Bauman says the new imprint will be of interest to pastors, church leaders, seminary and college students—everyone interested in improving their ministry knowledge and skills. Today’s reader expects a multifaceted, mixed-media approach including traditional printed books, electronic books, websites, and downloadable resources. Regular Baptist Books hopes to meet all of these needs.

Some titles in the new imprint will be produced through the generous donations of ministry partners who are interested in supporting the development costs. Myron Houghton’s Law and Grace, released in June, was supported by donations of $20,000. Some of this gift was used to fund editorial assistants working with Houghton at Faith Baptist Theological Seminary. Other titles in the series will be produced through innovative ministry partnerships with other Baptist organizations. The autobiography of Robert Hunter, Don’t Ever Give Up, was produced in cooperation with the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship Association. Some titles under the new imprint are aimed squarely at the practical needs of church leaders, such as Michael Nolan’s The Business Side of Ministry.

“Customers have known and appreciated Regular Baptist Press for many years,” Alex Bauman says. “The same name they have trusted for their curriculum can be trusted for academic and practical books.”